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Every blessing!                        Anne Robertson, Commissioner for Schools
                                                   Fr Bernard Sixtus, Director RE (Schools)


 Virtue pairs 

June / July


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  Dear Lord,

  Thank you for the gift of Catholic schools.      Thank you for all those who have given          their talents to educating our young people.

  Through the challenges they encounter          each day, lead them to an ever deeper              appreciation of the sacred duty to which          you have called them.

  Thank you for all those who contribute to        the efficient running of our schools:                support staff, kitchen staff, maintenance        staff, governors and chaplains. We thank        them for their hard work and dedication.

  Thank you for all those who lead our                Catholic schools. May they be people of          integrity so that they can be witnesses as        well as teachers. We pray that the schools      they lead will become places where our          young people can experience your love in      their lives.

  Thank you for our pupils. May your love        strengthen and nurture them through the        influence and example of those who care        for them. We pray that through their time at    school they will flourish and grow to                discover who you have called them to be. 

  We make this prayer through your Son,            Jesus Christ, our teacher and our Lord,          Amen.



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    Please add details of any dietary and/or          accessibility requirements. If the course is      at St David's College you will need to give      a car registration number to reserve a              parking space.

   Agendas and Zoom / Teams links will be         sent out near the date of the event.