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Welcome to the Education website of the Archdiocese of Cardiff. This site brings together information from the departments of the Schools Commissioner, the Director of Religious Education (schools) and the Catholic Education Service Wales Adviser. If you have any questions or suggestions to make as this site develops, please contact us via the top bar 'Contact' box. Please use the passwords provided to access password-protected pages for headteachers, class teachers, chaplains and school inspectors and governors via the 'Login' box in the top bar.
Every blessing!                                      Fr Bernard Sixtus, Director RE (Schools)


Education Sunday

9th September 2018

Online resources for schools and parishes


This year’s theme is
‘Ephphatha: Be Opened’,
which comes from Mark’s Gospel reading on Education Sunday. It symbolises that Catholic
schools are open and welcoming places for all, and that in our schools, young people’s minds are
opened to the revelation of Christ’s teaching and his love for us all. 



Virtue pairs

         September 2018                 COMPASSIONATE and LOVING   

              November 2018                      FAITH-FILLED and HELPFUL 





         For information about                         courses offered by the                    Department  of RE(Schools)                in 2018 - 19 visit 'Book a                     Course'  where you will find               details of courses and links               to further information.